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The Ballot Measure

The Challenge

  • A pandemic like COVID-19 impacts everyone, whether through serious illness or death of a loved one, a lost job or business, children missing school, or mental health challenges.
  • Over 725,000 Americans have lost their lives from COVID-19 and many more became extremely ill.
  • There has been an incalculable amount of economic harm done to people because of COVID-19.
  • Political and public health officials need quality research into best practices when confronted with a pandemic.

The Solution

  • By planning and preparing now, we can save lives and livelihoods.
  • The Denver Pandemic Fund will provide research into practical solutions for everyday effects of a pandemic. Solutions that will address impacts on our daily lives: in our schools, small businesses and neighborhoods.
  • Policy leaders and government officials will have a playbook of thoroughly researched solutions to draw from and advanced technologies to combat pandemics.

The Denver Pandemic Fund ballot measure

By allocating a 1.5% sales tax on recreational marijuana from the unused portion of Denver’s 15% cap approved by voters in 2013, the University of Colorado Denver CityCenter will provide:

  • pandemic research for advanced technologies to protect the public from the spread of pandemic pathogens, including at schools, businesses, and hospitals; &
  • pandemic research for pandemic preparedness and recovery, including urban, economic, and school planning.

To read the full ballot language and ordinance, please click here.