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Questions and Answers

What does this ballot measure do? 

The Denver Pandemic Initiative will allocate a 1.5% retail marinuana sales tax (within the 15% already approved by voters in 2013) to fund pandemic research at the University of Colorado Denver CityCenter for

  • pandemic research for advanced technologies to protect the public from the spread of pandemic pathogens, including at schools, businesses, and hospitals; and
  • pandemic research for pandemic preparedness and recovery, including urban, economic, and school planning.

Does this take away funding from something else, like schools? 

No. Currently, Denver is using only a small portion of the already voter approved 15% retail marijuana sales tax. This measure does not take away from any current allocations and still leaves significant room for future allocations by the city.

Will this increase taxes on medical marijuana?

No. This measure does not impact taxes on medical marijuana.

Who is supporting this initiative?

Originally proposed by Guarding Against Pandemics, a 501c4 non-profit organization dedicated to preparing for the next pandemic, a growing list of local community members and leaders is supporting the measure. Please click here to see some of the measure’s endorsements.