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Colorado Nurses Association

Pandemic prevention is underfunded, plain and simple. The Colorado Nurses Association supports Ordinance 300 to move us in the right direction, which will help protect nurses, their patients, and our community.”

Honorable Andrew C. “Andy” Weber

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs; Senior Fellow, the Council on Strategic Risks

“Despite the enormous adverse impacts of COVID-19 to our nation’s health, economic, and sociopolitical wellbeing, pandemic prevention efforts in the U.S. remain woefully underfunded. Biological risks threaten our survival as a species. The Denver Pandemic Fund initiative will develop technologies to reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens and help prevent the next pandemic.”

Guarding Against Pandemics

“While there has been massive public investment in responding to COVID-19, there has been almost no public investment targeted at protecting us from the next pandemic. COVID-19 has taken so many lives and cost so much money because we did not prepare for it. And while it is critical that we respond to this current pandemic, we must also prepare for the next one. “

The Center for African American Health



Professor Shelly Miller

“It is important for local communities and state entities to build upon the science of protecting public health from infectious disease pandemics with new innovations in mitigation technologies and strategies, following the precautionary principle of do no harm.”


“If our institutions, systems, and communities had been properly prepared, there would have
been no need for an organization like Make4Covid, and we can do better in the future.

The Denver Pandemic Research Fund is an initiative that will help to prepare Colorado for the next pandemic, and we support its efforts.”

The Center for African American Health